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about me


  • about me

-love my family

-love a house full of people

-take way too many pictures

-addicted to coffee

-love cool fronts and Christmas

  • about my photography

-started photography as a business 19 years ago...

-natural light is my favorite...

-love capturing the everyday moments...

-but love special occasions too!

-shooting in your environment is my favorite...

-still love film... but have a new love relationship with digital

-love to turn images into

-custom work is what I do... to tell the story of today through my lenses!

  • about the music:
  • -Music by Amy Stroup... "Just Takes a Little" & "Chin Up"... check her out on itunes!
  • -She is an amazing singer songwriter from Nashville

  • -Music by Ryan Travis...featuring Molly Bush... "High and Dry"

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    My lovely assistant!