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What?   One.  One Saturday morning.  One Summer Night.  One Fall Day. One Decemebr Night.  One.

Why?  To capture one point in time.  To catch personalities and the everyday.  To tell the story.

Why ONE?  Because I get overwhlemed.  Trying to capture the school year, the Summer, even Christmas... and put it in one place. One book, one video, one picture, one anything!   So this year I experimented.  One Summer Night Video. It seems to work.  To limit myself to only one period of time.

The experiment?  We have gone to visit our dear friends in Colorado almost every Summer for 20 years!  It is our favorite place to be...  I always leave hoping I can put a book or a slideshow together that will capture our time there.. and tell the Story of our visit and our relationship. But there are always too many pictures, too many great days, too many amazing meals, horse rides,... and on and on and on!  So this year, I did it!  As hard as it was for me... I focused.  I videoed one period of time, one 2 hour period.  Preparing, grilling, eating, playing, dancing....We didn't dress, we didn't plan, I just turned on my camera.  And it worked.  I told the story of our family, at this time, at this place!

The result?  All my loves rolled into one! Natural shots, my family and great music! Happy. 


Is that you with the glasses?   Yes,  I filmed everything except for a couple of clips when Ryan took the camera from me... you see that lovely shot on the video where I am saying, "Don't film me..."  Obviously I had not thought through me being in it!  But I left the lovely shot in... Only because I guess I should be documented as part as the family! :)  We also left my voice in places... which proves I was there!

What is Scott saying?  At the end of the video... we included the "quote" of the week.  As Scott was blessing the meal, he prayed, "Thank you for this place... (long pause)... on this prairie."  We all burst into laughter as he prayed! It sounded so, well... funny!  You had to be there!  But it stuck! And as we made fun of him it beacme the "theme" of our visit.  Again, the beauty of catpuring just one story within a Story.

Will you be doing videos now?  Yes!  I have shot One Summer Night videos for clients this year.  We are now booking- 

One Fall Night

One December Night 

Space will be limited.  Fall is my busy, busy, time!  But we have determined how many videos we can do each season.  So call or email if you are interested.

Will my video look like yours?  The answer is, ... it will look like you! Your family, your night, your story.  Of course, it will be shot and edited through my lens and my eye... but the goal will always be for the video to look and feel like the personality of your family.  

Price? Call me for prices. Price points depend on the type of project you choose.